On behalf of the official business fraternity of the professional pest management industry, Pi Chi Omega, I invite you to present the  Junior Entomologist program to your students or children.

This program is a free, downloadable PowerPoint presentation that is designed as a one-time lesson plan for students K-5.

Created by entomologists, the presentation gives an overview on insects and rodents, the good they do for the environment, and the bad they can do (spread disease, destroy property, etc.) when they become a pest. The presentation also explores how the professional pest control industry can be an excellent career choice for those interested in biology and public health.

The PowerPoint presentation will only take 20-30 minutes, but we also hope it is a springboard for other fun activities.

After making this presentation please complete this short survey to provide us with feedback so we can gauge the use of the program and continue to make improvements.

Jr. Entolmologist Power Point
Jr. Entomologist Program Overview
Jr. Entomologist Power Point Presentation
Jr. Entomologist Videos