The purpose of this presentation is to make aware and educate students ages K-12 about opportunities available in the professional field of pest control. The age of your students will determine how this message is presented, but we have created notes within the PowerPoint program to help guide you through the presentation.

Items included for your presentation.

  1. The Jr Entomologist PowerPoint Presentation with notes to help guide you.
  2. Prerecorded Jr Entomologist Presentations provided in 3 sessions.
  3. A certificate of completion to print and present to the participating students.

Suggested items when adding to the presentation curriculum.

  1. Magnifying glasses for each student
  2. Insect collection kit
  3. Insect/butterfly pop-up habitat cage Terrarium
  4. Butterflies to start the habitat.

Jr. Entomologist Certificates have been created that can be downloaded and customized for your students. Click here for a Jr. Entomologist Certificate Template.

After making your presentation we would greatly appreciate your feedback so that we can gauge the usefulness of the program and continue to make improvements. Take our short survey here.

Jr. Entomologist Program Overview
Jr. Entomologist Power Point Presentation
Jr. Entomologist Videos