Mark “Shep” Sheperdigian

President Pi Chi Omega

Letter from the President Mark “Shep” Sheperdigian

Hello, Pi Chi Omega! Let me start my first newsletter message by thanking you all for your support and encouragement. As long as we are in one accord, we can accomplish anything.
I remain in awe of Dale Baker who has so ably demonstrated the attitude necessary to make this job look easy. His boundless energy, unflagging optimism, and unbroken narrative praising the contributions of others serve as the pilot light in the furnace of our success, but the thermostat remains in our control. I believe we can continue our upward trajectory of increased participation by our members, sharper visibility to non-members, and deeper impact on our industry.
These effects are the very core of our purpose which can be seen in our mission, our vision, and our strategic activities. Our mission is to connect and enrich the urban pest management community. You can read our mission, vision, and strategic activities in every edition of this newsletter and on our website.
Who are we?
• PMPs – Practicing urban pest management in the field, these are owners, managers, entomologists, consultants, and others that work for or as Pest Management Professionals.

• Academics – Professors of entomology and related fields that teach urban entomology or disciplines relevant to urban pest management.

• Students – Those enrolled in colleges and universities and actively pursuing a degree in urban entomology or a related field.

• Allied Professions – Those who work in the development and manufacture of pesticides, and devices used in urban pest management and/or the services required for an industry top function.

Just like insects, Pi Chi Omega is subject to metamorphosis and we are changing in a number of ways. Pi Chi Omega has changed in both size and scope with hundreds of members and many of them not entomologists at all. What we have in common is a profession that is founded on the concept of helping people. A pest is an organism that negatively impinges on the human condition. The very definition of the word pest requires the presence of a human, hence there can be no pests if there are no people. It only follows that urban pest management is focused on the help it brings to mankind. While that focus must never change, we are operating as members of a changing nation among changing nations on a changing globe.
If we are to continue our mission toward our vision, we will need to ensure that our activities continue to develop along with the people and societies we both serve and represent.

You may notice our activities have taken on a different flavor and are beginning to happen across a wider geography than ever before. Please join in when and where you can. Not only does it serve our mission, it’s a lot of fun.

In closing, I invite you all to see Pi Chi Omega as the organization it has become. Come to the membership meetings and gather at our Raise the Bar events. I think you’ll find that simply by showing up, you will contribute to the rising tide that lifts all boats.

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