Pi Chi Omega presented 3 awards during our membership meeting at PestWorld. Two were presented virtually and one was presented in-person. We are so grateful for all of our talented members, but it is always truly an honor to recognize those who stand out!

Pi Chi Omega Achievement Award – Dr. Austin Frishman was virtually presented the Award of Achievement. This award is presented to Pi Chi Omega members who have served the organization for 10 or more years, which Austin certainly has. These nominees are recognized not just for their long service, but also for their exceptional dedication and significant accomplishments that have had a positive impact on our organization and on the Industry.  As an educator and supporter of Pi Chi Omega for 53 years, it was fitting that we honored Dr. Frishman with this Award of Achievement. Dr. Gary Bennett, who replaced Frishman as the Urban Entomology Chair at Purdue, presented the award to Austin virtually. Both of these gentlemen have so much Industry knowledge and are fascinating to listen to. This video has been edited to keep it brief, but meaningful.

Pi Chi Omega Generosity Award – The Generosity Award is presented to individuals who exhibit a genuine desire to better the Pi Chi Omega and who act upon that compunction by completing an honorable or selfless deed for the benefit of Pi Chi Omega.  This award was given to John Adams during the membership meet held during PestWorld, but was presented virtually by then president, Mark “Shep” Sheperdigian beforehand. John wanted to expand scholarships to more students, so he donated $30,000 in 2019. Once he learned that $50,000 would make it a perpetual scholarship, he donated another $20,000! His only stipulation was that the award be named in honor of Norm Ehmann, a long-time industry advocate and trainer extraordinaire.  Click here to see the virtual presentation.

The Award of Professional Publications recognizes distinguished service to our Industry, Profession, and Fraternity, in particular through scientific publication of a significant work where at least one author must be a Pi Chi Omega member in good standing. The publication must be scientific in nature and should have a direct, positive impact on the Industry.  A book of this nature has not been published in more than 25 years and certainly meets the definition of this award.  During the Pi Chi Omega Membership meeting we conferred the Award of Professional Publication to the authors and contributors, who are Pi Chi Omega members, of the book The Biology and Management of the German Cockroach. All three of the authors, Drs. Michal Rust, Chow-Yang Lee and Changlu Wang and 8 of the 11 contributors are Pi Chi Members, including Dr. Coby Schal, Dr. Michael Scharf, Dr. Edward Vargo, Dr. Dini Miller, Dr. Coby Schal, Dr. Michael Scharf, Dr. Edward Vargo and Judy Black, BCE