The third annual Pi Chi Omega bowling event was held Sunday evening on January 5th in the Union Rack & Roll! Sponsored by J.T. Eaton and Syngenta, the event allowed about 20 conference attendees to gather for a fun night of pizza, beer & bowling! What could be better than that? How about raising $160 to support the efforts of the Ace Campus Food Pantry that provides assistance to Purdue students and faculty who may be experiencing food insecurity. These funds were raised as part of the Pi Chi Omega Gives Back program that strives to leave a positive footprint on communities where ever we meet.

What would a bowling competition be without a Champion Belt? Scott Robbins won the Pi Chi Omega Champ Belt with a score of 145! The high roller team scored an overall score of 452 and was made up of Brad Harbison, Pest Control Technology Magazine; James Miller, Trécé Inc.; Scott Robbins, Action Pest Control; and Terry Rosenthal, Charles Pest Control.

This event is always open to anyone arriving on Sunday prior to the Purdue Pest Management Conference – Pi Chi Omega member or not! Plan to join us next year for some good old-fashioned fun!