Frank Meek, Rollins Technical Services Manager, recently received the International IPM Award of Excellence (IPM Practitioner – Non-Academic), for his outstanding work in developing and implementing novel IPM-based strategies of controlling pests in the urban environment. The 2021 International IPM Achievement Awards recognize individuals who have made exceptional achievements in IPM adoption, implementation and sustainability.

Frank has spent his entire career in the urban pest management industry. He has worked with manufacturers to help research new ways of controlling pests, specifically German cockroaches in the urban environment. Frank has written protocols that emphasize the importance of inspection, monitoring, and physical controls and cultural controls within a program where cockroach gel bait was necessary. His work on the introduction of cockroach gel bait into an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan to Orkin was a game changer in the 1990’s. Frank is known for his excellent communication skills, which led him to over 60 different countries, providing initial training

and orientation to local staff.

“It is truly an honor to receive this recognition. However, this is not my recognition alone, but also to the many coworkers and teammates across the company and industry who have been a part of advancing our work and industry,” said Frank.