Pi Chi Omega members enjoyed a magical time at Disney during Pest World 2018. The fun began at the Pi Chi Omega booth where attendees tested their entomological skills at the Pi Chi Omega Ultimate Insect ID Challenge, which included a blind ID! Brave participants reached into a bag containing several live insects and which had to be identified by touch only. Have you ever had a Bess Beetle latch onto your finger? Little fellas have quite a grip! Congratulations to our winner, Kevin Hathorne who scored the most points!

Just for playing, participants received a complimentary drink ticket for the Pi Chi Omega Raise the Bar event held Thursday evening at the Phin Lobby Bar. The bar was packed, and members enjoyed catching up with each other and talking to prospective members about the organization. At that event Pi Chi Omega was delighted to take 17 nominations! A 50/50 Raffle was also held that raised $632 to support the scholarship fund. The winner, Kim Kelley-Tunis, took home the other half of the pot!

Pi Chi Omega enjoyed one of the largest membership meetings in recent history; even Dr. Austin Frishman dropped in to comment on the invigorated energy of the organization and to encourage members to make recommendations to Purdue for the open Osmun Endowed Professorship. Elections were held during the meeting confirming returning director Cassie Krejci and Tom Mueller to his first term as a Director. At the conclusion of the meeting, four awards were presented. Judy Black was recognized with the Pi Chi Omega Award of Achievement, Tom Wright and David Mueller were presented with the Generosity Award, and Dr. Dini Miller received the Publication of Professional Services Award for co-authoring Modern Bed Bugs. Pi Chi Omega looks forward to PestWorld 2019 being held in Sunny San Diego!