Message from Pi Chi Omega President
Hello, Pi Chi Omega! I’m going to skip several paragraphs of “for-the-first-time-ever”, and “in-an-effort-to-support”, and “worst-of-the-headlines” scenarios and get right to it.

Pi Chi Omega is proud to be part of an engaged industry that continues to protect health and property. We are aware of all the changes in plans and schedules taking place right now.

For those of you planning to attend NCUE (National Conference on Urban Entomology and Invasive & Pest Ant Conference, it has been postponed until next year, 23-26 May, 2021 and will be held in the same place. Find details at:
If you weren’t planning to go but want to, find out how at:

If you need the most up-to-date information concerning coronavirus, visit the NPMA’s web page:
If you want to review the CDC information it’s there also:
If you just want the latest information, they have a page for that too:

Dominique Stumpf and the NPMA are to be applauded for their herculean effort to ensure that urban pest management is recognized both nationally and by the states as the essential service that it is. They have done an amazing job in pulling together the information their members need.

As an important factor in the health of our nation we in the urban pest management community will continue working to keep pests from making the whole situation worse. As we do that, I encourage all of you to support the effort by doing your part. We will see this pandemic dissipate and the best we can do is help shorten the time it takes for that to happen. The best way to that is to follow the directives given.

Like many people who are able to do so, I am “working from home.” As I have learned from many of you; instead of feeling put upon, I maintain a positive mental outlook and work to pass along the positive affirmations.

Thank you, Shep

And now for some original verse:
Stuck in the house
just me and my spouse
and no other comp-a-nee,

We cannot go out
and travel about
except for emergen-cee,

I had a whole slew
of things I would do
if ever I had the time,

But it’s never too late
to procrastinate
by composing a little rhyme