The Awards committee is accepting nominations for Pi Chi Omega members who deserve special recognition by their peers. We have three awards we present annually if candidates are nominated, and the committee approves them. Don’t let a fellow colleague go unrecognized! Read over the nomination form and consider making a nomination for yourself or someone you know who has exhibited outstanding service or generosity to our community.

Click here for details about the three Pi Chi Omega awards, or to nominate a Pi Chi Omega member for an award.

Publications of Professional Services: This award recognizes distinguished service to our Industry, profession, and fraternity, in particular through scientific publication of a significant work. Publication examples include, but are not limited to; books, industry journal articles, scientific journal articles, etc.

Award of Achievement: This award is be presented to individuals who have served the organization for 10 or more years and during that time have made contributions that are outside of the normal expectations of their Board or membership role(s) and/or made a significant, positive impact on the Industry. These nominees are recognized not just for their long service, but also for their exceptional dedication and significant accomplishments that have had a positive impact.

Generosity Award: This award is presented to individuals who exhibit a genuine desire to better the organization and who act upon that compunction by completing an honorable or selfless deed for the benefit of Pi Chi Omega. The contribution may be made in the form of hard work, financial contributions or creative strategic visionary work that goes above and beyond their membership and/or Board role and is not necessarily tied to an amount of time of service.