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Letter from the President
Dr. James E. Sargent
January 20, 2013

Happy New Year! With a new year comes the exciting potential of everything that we hope to accomplish in the months ahead. Indeed, the Board of Directors had a productive meeting in the new Centennial Room at Purdue University on Sunday evening, January 6th. One of the items discussed was increasing the visibility of Pi Chi Omega in 2013 and in the years ahead. There are many Pi Chi Omega members that don't attend the Purdue Pest Management Conference and may not always be able to attend NPMA's PestWorld. If you have a recommendation for a member event (e.g., luncheon) at some other well attended conference, please forward your suggestion to me, Kim Kelley-Tunis, or Vern Toblan.

Another item discussed at the Board meeting was significantly growing the general scholarship fund by auctioning donated items on eBay. The great advantage of this idea is that we can reach thousands more interested people than at a silent auction at Purdue or at PestWorld. Auctioning an item on eBay could find a very motivated buyer 24/7 anywhere in the world. Potentially, this could be huge for our scholarship program. Dale Baker provides more information elsewhere in this newsletter. If you have a good item to donate for auction on eBay, please contact Dale Baker ( soon so we can get started.

A new year is also a good time for goals and resolutions. In the past, I've suggested the following:

  • Pay your dues - your dues are the foundation of our good work.
  • Nominate an interested qualified person for Pi Chi Omega membership - this keeps our organization strong for the future.
  • Visit our website ( and send in your comments and suggestions, including service ideas for our fraternity.

For 2013, I hope that each member will resolve to read this newsletter (and every future Pi Chi Omega newsletter) completely and thoughtfully. Take a few extra seconds to think about what you've read and how you and other members can better serve our industry and support scholarship in its larger definition of seeking knowledge. And then, when you've finished reading all of this newsletter and thinking for a few extra seconds, write down a new year's resolution or goal pertaining to Pi Chi Omega.

I'm excited about the New Year and all its potential.

Best wishes to you for a productive and prosperous and wonderful new year.

Sincerely, Jim.

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